SaFES, an Application of Web Technology in Risk Management

Challenges and Achievements in E-Business and E-work. Brian Stanford-Smith, Enrica Chiozza and Mireille Edin. Part 2. IOS Press, 2002

Dr Janet H Wademan, Robert J Wademan

SaFES is an on-line software tool used in improving the quality of processes within food manufacturing plants. This paper describes the utilization of 'off the shelf' hardware and 'low entry' software development tools in a web-enabled risk management system.

The example followed is the introduction of SaFES into the poultry processing industry; an industry not in the main stream of ICT use.

All non-primary food producers will be required to use HACCP, a well established risk management system, to reduce food-borne illness. Currently, most HACCPs being paper-based are costly to implement and maintain; SaFES is designed to reduce these costs. SaFES facilitates the design, maintenance, monitoring and audit of a HACCP system.

The trial provided interesting results leading to the application of e-work for the cost-effective sharing of knowledge in processes working within a regulatory framework


The SaFES Trial (Contract No. IST - 1999 - 20842) is funded by the European Commission's IST 5th Framework Programme under Key Action II, Action Line 1.1.2-2.2.1.


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