SaFES: Safe Food Enhancement System, an egalitarian catalyst for change harnessing ubiquitous web technology, offering transparency for all stakeholders in food quality.

E-Work and E-Commerce Novel Solutions and Practices for a Global Networked Economy. Brian Stanford-Smith and Enrica Chiozza Volume 2. IOS Press, 2001.

J H Wademan BA PhD, R J Wademan BSc

SaFES is an on-line software tool used in improving the quality of processes within food manufacturing plants. SaFES gathers real-time data via dataloggers linked to a secure management system to monitor Critical Control Points (CCP) previously established by on-line HACCP consultancy. This trial introduces SaFES into the cooked meats and poultry processing industries.

Food producers need to use HACCP to improve the microbiological quality of their products thereby reducing food-borne illness. Currently, most HACCPs being paper-based are costly both to implement and maintain. SaFES is designed to reduce these costs. In addition, SaFES facilitates remote monitoring via internet technology providing easy accessibility of audit data for all members of the supply chain.

SaFES addresses many of the current concerns of food producers: increased legislation and directives, a need to be commercially viable and reduce training costs and internet working to encourage small remote rural industries.

During the trial SaFES is populated remotely with site-specific HACCPs then automatic monitoring systems are installed at the two user sites. Data collected feeds back to the remote SaFES data warehouse. Parallel trials between existing systems and the SaFES implementations at both sites generate robust comparative performance data.

SaFES allows SMEs to cope with the increasing demand for HACCP. Pressure for more stringent legislation and increased quality is coming from a dynamic set of parties, namely: resellers, auditors, supermarkets, governments, consumers. SaFES' modular design offers a solution, spawning a new set of cross-enterprise business processes within the food industry. Teamwork and trust are improved by increased dialogue across the supply chain providing all participants with competitive advantage.

SaFES will be an egalitarian catalyst for change, harnessing ubiquitous web technology to yield solutions that are affordable to SMEs whilst changing business processes that have major implications for supply chain management.


The SaFES Trial (Contract No. IST - 1999 - 20842) is funded by the European Commission's IST 5th Framework Programme under Key Action II, Action Line 1.1.2-2.2.1.


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