November 2000 SaFES consortium wins EC funding to demonstrate
e-commerce solution to food safety

On November 1, against strong competition from all over Europe van Helsing won European funding for an Anglo-Scandinavian e-commerce product - SaFES.

The European Commission has awarded funding to the value of 247000 euro to demonstrate a knowledge based safety product that will revolutionise the food industry. According to the expert evaluators in Brussels “ the software is very innovative and has a high potential to change and improve quality assurance processes in distributed customer-supplier chains in the food industry”.

Dr. Janet Wademan, founder of says “e-commerce will revolutionise the way we think about work and the workplace. SaFES is the sort of product that will revitalise rural industry in countries such as Wales. It also has the added benefit of raising consumer confidence in the quality of food.”

The award will act as a catalyst for the creation of 80 high quality value-added jobs within 4 years.

December 1999 van Helsing Limited teams up with Anglo Danish Consortium to produce innovative food safety product

The team of specialists in ICT, food technology, QA, food processing and retailing, systems integration and marketing will be working closely to produce an innovative food safety product. The product SaFES will be introduced firstly in the cooked meat and poultry processing industries.

The consortium consists of:
  van Helsing Ltd
EQMC Ltd Web Developers & QA Consultants
  Scanfo Aps Food Industry Consultants
Padborg Fjerkraeslagteri A/S Food Processors
Emborg Foods A/S Food Reseller

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