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Consultant / Managing Director - Dr Janet Wademan
Consultant / Technical Director - Robert Wademan
Consultant - Keith Dixon

Janet Wademan

Janet formed van Helsing Limited in 1995 after 15 years in Ferranti International and GEC. This 15 years saw a rapid progression from hands-on systems development through the management of multi-disciplinary systems development teams to her eventual role as Bids Manager, Tactical Trainers, GEC.

As part of her accelerated personal development programme Janet spent one year as Aide de Camp to the Director and General Manager of Ferranti Simulation and Training, an unique and invaluable mentoring experience in the roll-out of modern international management techniques.

As a result Janet is motivated by:
- sustainable business and organisational development
- progress through the practical application of R&D.

Working in van Helsing provides Janet with the flexibility to participate in a portfolio of activities in the private, public and academic sectors in order that complementary motivations can be satisfied.

Through van Helsing Janet works with organisations to enable them to deliver distinctiveness efficiently and effectively in an ever-increasingly competitive global market. This she achieves by a blend of hard and soft skills to analyse problems and synthesise solutions in context and time sensitive scenarios. Janet particularly enjoys working with multidisciplinary groups to elicit the winning solution.

Van Helsing's activities are underpinned by extensive R&D in a number of important technical, management and business development disciplines. The ensuing knowledge gained from this research is then embedded into van Helsing's product and service offerings for the benefit of its customers.

In her leisure time Janet has interests in classical music, visiting museums & art galleries and undertaking her genealogical research. Janet is a Fellow of The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

To Contact Jan Wademan E-mail: jan.wademan@vanhelsing.com

Keith Dixon
Before becoming a consultant Keith spent 30 years with Ferranti as a Sales and Marketing Engineer and Manager. His expertise includes communication, presentation, business planning, sales and negotiating. Keith has spent most of his working life initiating and championing innovative developments in real-time civil and military computer systems. His drive and expertise helped generate over 20 years of dominance by Ferranti in the Naval Command & Control systems field.

As a consultant Keith keenly deploys his energy and experience to support small but innovative and growing companies, most effectively as a consultant to specialist teams working in enabling technology, equipment and knowledge based computer systems fields.

When not actively pursuing his role as a consultant his interests are Race Engine Design, mountaineering, Macintosh Desk Top Publishing & Multi-media presentations and Scottish Country Dancing.

To Contact Keith Dixon E-mail: jan.wademan@vanhelsing.com
Bob Wademan
Bob co-founded van Helsing Limited after spending 10 years at Ferranti International. He spent much of this time acting as a trouble-shooter running awkward and demanding projects. Depending on the assignment concerned, they encompassed project management, marketing and technical roles. Bob now utilises his technical and artistic training in the delivery of innovative marketing and training services. Assignments for VHL have included strategic studies, tactical marketing, project management, new media development, process development and independent assessment and evaluation of processes and toolsets. He is actively engaged in developing e-work applications using modern software methods and tools.
To Contact Bob Wademan E-mail: bob.wademan@vanhelsing.com


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