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van Helsing Limited exploits new technologies and methodologies to help companies and organisations act smartly, become more competitive and win
more business. Our services are geared to elevating the client's position in the knowledge-based economy. Sustainability is the vital objective.

Methods used include:
Integrated Process Development
  Integrated Proposal Development

Van Helsing is involved in diverse
sectors with companies worldwide - the common factor being Communities of Purpose.

Organisations that have benefited from van Helsing's services include:

National Museum & Galleries of Wales
Welsh Development Agency
Oyster Bay Systems Ltd.
Wolsey Electronics Ltd.

British Aerospace
Lockheed Martin
National Britannia Ltd.
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC)
Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS)

Their projects tend to be bespoke where quality of product is of paramount importance.

Our methods, based on sound practical experience, are delivered in a professional yet friendly manner.


Integrated Process Development

Our mission is to create distributed communities within an organisation to catalyse business growth.

It is acknowledged that knowledge is created by interaction; the interaction of players that have acquired information by experience or by osmosis.

We help create dynamic, self-sustaining communities straddling status and function within large or distributed organisations to create, disseminate and utilise corporate knowledge. We have been particularly successful in bringing together the design, business development, support and maintenance functions of high tech companies resulting in their business growth.

Our experience is continually growing from our interventions and in our R&D projects especially our involvement in the EC's IST Framework programme.

Are your Communities of Interest providing cross-fertilisation between the functions required to achieve your purpose?


Integrated Proposal Development

A portfolio of processes designed to help organisations produce winning proposals

Van Helsing facilitates cultural change in proposal development. Proposal writing can be
both stressful and time-consuming, it is an area in business that can benefit from
specialist advice. We can assist companies at all stages in the bid cycle.

We have worked with a range of organisations from world-leading corporations bidding for
100m+ contracts in R&D and manufacturing to SMEs bidding for 50K+ projects.

VHL's advice has also helped small companies obtain all-important Venture Capital.

Our services are aimed at organisations that submit their proposals in English and are
therefore ideal for multi-country consortia.

VHL helps bid teams to:

Think and act more strategically
Bond together traversing disciplines and cultures
Vastly improve hit-rates
Turn out professional proposals every time
Lower proposal development time by strategic planning and maximising re-use.

The ensuing proposal is a joy for the evaluator to read.
You owe it to your staff to give them the methodologies to enable them to win more often.
You owe it to the Board to reduce the costs of ineffective business development activities.



Join the vanguard of the e-revolution!

Modern media forms the foundation of van Helsing's portfolio. The development
of these services embodies over 30 years practical experience in the high tech end of
international systems integration companies. We are accustomed to providing solutions to
meet exacting and rigorous requirements worldwide.

Experience covers:
Simulation and Training

Technology Awareness
Dissemination and promotion
Intelligent Product Manuals

A combination of interactive text, graphics images, video motion and sound makes for a
powerful and memorable experience.

Distributed knowledge - Engage all your organisation's stakeholders to
work effectively together.

E-mail: jan.wademan@vanhelsing.com


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